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BAD SANTA 2: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

It would be awesome if this thing ends up being great, but from where I’m standing, Bad Santa 2 isn’t even going to have the decency to fill our stockings with coal, opting instead to use petrified dog shit. “Man, I bet that dog shit used to be funny,” we’ll say and then be left to ponder the nature of our own existence, as we think of the countless more interesting and productive ways we could have spent those 90 minutes.

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Here’s Hoping: Man, That Was Quick! The New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Looks Promising…

Seriously, that was really fast. I mean, this was just shown at Comic-Con less than an hour ago! Say what you will about how the final product is going to turn out, but this trailer is pretty great, in my

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Here’s Hoping: THOR: THE DARK WORLD Trailer Looks Really Promising!

So, right up front, I’m not really a Marvel guy. I’ve always been more into DC, and beyond that, Vertigo. I’ve always thought of it like this; “You read Marvel when you’re a kid, and then you grow up, and get into DC.” The reason for

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With Your Earballs: Queens of the Stone Age’s …LIKE CLOCKWORK, Is (Insert Witty Time Keeping Device Joke).

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Queens of the Stone Age since I was a teenager. I found out about them, like most people, I suppose, upon the release of their third album Songs for the Deaf. My introduction to the

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