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STRANGER THINGS, Season 1 Review – A Remix, Borderline Remake, of Everything You’ve Ever Loved…

The term “Amblin-esque” is something we hear a lot of nowadays. Back in the day, Amblin Entertainment was the purveyor of all things awesome for both kids and adults. A slew of high-quality genre movies came out under its’ banner.

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Summer of Palahniuk: DIARY Review

Where do you get your inspiration?

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Here’s Hoping: SYNCHRONICITY Looks Like Some Good Old Fashioned, Hard Sci-Fi Entertainment

Over the past year or so, I’ve been starving for some good, non-super hero related genre stuff. Adult dramas that have hints of the fantastical. Stories that ask bigger questions, that delve into existential and philosophical territory. I want what

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HOW TO SAVE US Review – Haunted By The Past…

How To Save Us, the new film by the co-director of ┬áThe FP, Jason Trost, is a minimalist ghost story that deals more with family trauma, and some light soul searching than traditional scares. That’s not to say the film

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Here’s Hoping: HOW TO SAVE US Hits Theaters in Limited Release This Weekend…

I’ve always really like Jason Trost. His honesty, his attitude, his style. He’s a guy that wears his influences on his sleeve, and, his output thus far, shows a real love for genre. Not in an overly precious way, or

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Movie Review: The Primordial Art of Finding Your Soulmate, and SPRING…

Falling in love is a difficult thing to quantify. It’s almost impossible to explain it to someone who’s never had the experience. It’s the ultimate “You had to be there” kind of anecdote. Love? What does it even mean? How

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Movie Review: Traps, Blood, Laughs, and YOU’RE NEXT…

So, I’ve been looking forward to this flick for awhile now. In fact, I wrote about my anticipation and the sub-genre it plays in a few weeks back. Yeah, I’ve been pretty excited about this movie, as that article would

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