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Here’s Hoping: Man, That Was Quick! The New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Looks Promising…

Seriously, that was really fast. I mean, this was just shown at Comic-Con less than an hour ago! Say what you will about how the final product is going to turn out, but this trailer is pretty great, in my

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HOW TO SAVE US Review – Haunted By The Past…

How To Save Us, the new film by the co-director of  The FP, Jason Trost, is a minimalist ghost story that deals more with family trauma, and some light soul searching than traditional scares. That’s not to say the film

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Movie Review: HER Is Super Convinced Of It’s Own Importance…

I was going to originally title this review ‘A Movie  By Narcissists, About Narcissists, for Narcissists,’ but, honestly, that seemed kind of mean. Although, it is kind of how I feel. To be more accurate I should have titled it

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Movie Review: ENDER’S GAME, And All Of It’s “Just Fine” Glory….

The science fiction genre offers storyteller’s a lot of opportunities beyond the superficially cool concepts, or worlds, that they engage with. They can tell stories about relevant topics through the lens of the fantastical, and this state of “fantasy” gives

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: Rorschach, Romanticism, and Watchmen (Part II)

“When virtue has slept it will arise more vigorous.” – Friedrich W. Nietzsche, Human All Too Human, 83 In the last section of this exploration we began to take a look at Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen as a work of

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