The Top 10 Best Games of 2017

I recently started going back to college, and I'm taking mostly online courses, which is dominated by writing, so I figured I'd get some practice. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy writing most of the time, but as I get older, the wheels move a little slower and my thoughts becoming harder to articulate. Basically, …

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Here’s Hoping: SYNCHRONICITY Looks Like Some Good Old Fashioned, Hard Sci-Fi Entertainment

Over the past year or so, I've been starving for some good, non-super hero related genre stuff. Adult dramas that have hints of the fantastical. Stories that ask bigger questions, that delve into existential and philosophical territory. I want what good science fiction stories can be, and Synchronicity seems like it's going to attempt to …

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ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 1 Review – Sometimes Dead is Better…

The series doesn't have a very deep or complex lore about it. In fact, I'd say that it doesn't really have a lore to it at all. It's pretty much a "what you see is what you get" type of situation, and that's because that's the way it was intended to be. It's not a hard horror series, it's more of a light romp, especially once they got to Army of Darkness. So they have to expand and build upon something that didn't exist before. The challenge isn't just a new adventure for Ash and company, but creating context for the things that already existed just fine with out it. The danger is making things convoluted and alienating fans that really love the simple fun that the film series provided. There was a lot going against this series on just a level of basic narrative functionality.

To Anime, or Not To Anime? That is the Arbitrary Question.

I've always been really picky when comes to anime. There's so many things about it, broadly, that I dislike. They're often filled with crude fan service, bad jokes and an overwhelming amount of "cutesy" humor that has always put me off, and sometimes even made me feel a little icky, if you know what I'm saying. Listen, social mores are different in Japan, which is completely fine, but I just can't get into pantie jokes concerning 12 year old kids. Call me old fashioned, I guess.