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5 Songs That Make Me Cry When I’ve Been Drinking, and Riding That DrunkTube…

We’ve all been there. It’s late on a Saturday night, and, as you’re one to do, you’ve been surfing YouTube. Mouse in one hand, rocks glass in the other. You’re no longer getting drunk, you’re just drunk. In fact, give

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The Past, The Present, And Frank Stallone….

There’s always a sense of quiet desperation that permeates your life when you’re young; a restlessness, if you will. Time seems infinite, the world seems boundless, and there are possibilities around every corner, hiding in every crevice. Fun will be

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With Your Earballs: Ryan Gosling Wanted Me To Tell You He’s In A Band Called DEAD MAN’S BONES….

You know, I’ve always kind of liked Ryan Gosling as an actor. He’s always kind of bucked the mainstream with his choices, and doesn’t rely on his looks to get by. In fact, it’s often used as a counter point

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With Your Earballs: Queens of the Stone Age’s …LIKE CLOCKWORK, Is (Insert Witty Time Keeping Device Joke).

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Queens of the Stone Age since I was a teenager. I found out about them, like most people, I suppose, upon the release of their third album Songs for the Deaf. My introduction to the

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Cross Armed, Jaded, and the Disposition of the Modern Concert Going Audience…

Earlier this week I went to Atlanta to see Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It had been quite some time since I had ventured out into the world of live music. I don’t know why, honestly, but it probably had to do

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Do You Like Music? I Like Music. So, There You Go…

A Note: Most of the band names are click-able if you would like to check them out! I’ve always had an affinity for music, and as I get older the criteria for what I like has definitely done some changing.

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