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BAD SANTA 2: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

It would be awesome if this thing ends up being great, but from where I’m standing, Bad Santa 2 isn’t even going to have the decency to fill our stockings with coal, opting instead to use petrified dog shit. “Man, I bet that dog shit used to be funny,” we’ll say and then be left to ponder the nature of our own existence, as we think of the countless more interesting and productive ways we could have spent those 90 minutes.

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BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Review – I Give It Two Indifferent Shrugs In Any Direction!

The Killing Joke is such a weird beast. Written in 1988 by a self-proclaimed wizard, Alan Moore, as a one-shot story that wasn’t ever necessarily supposed to be part of continuity. The thing was, it ended up being so popular that DC

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Here’s Hoping – OPERATION AVALANCHE Looks Like Some Faux-Doc, Conspiracy Theory Fun

Rev up those conspiracy engines! The moon landing is about to get faked!

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THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR Review – Political​ Horror Flick with Nothing of Substance to Say…

A movie that is so cartoonishly dumb that it makes Who Framed Roger Rabbit look subtle.

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Snyder v Batman v Superman v Ultimate Edition: Dawn of the Extended Cut

Did we get Watchmen extended cut Snyder, or Sucker Punch extended cut Snyder? Or did we get your Mom? Or my Mom? Or… THEIR MOM!?!?

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PONTYPOOL Is One of the Best Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen…

You kill the word that’s killing you.

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Here’s Hoping: SYNCHRONICITY Looks Like Some Good Old Fashioned, Hard Sci-Fi Entertainment

Over the past year or so, I’ve been starving for some good, non-super hero related genre stuff. Adult dramas that have hints of the fantastical. Stories that ask bigger questions, that delve into existential and philosophical territory. I want what

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