Here’s Hoping: SYNCHRONICITY Looks Like Some Good Old Fashioned, Hard Sci-Fi Entertainment

Over the past year or so, I’ve been starving for some good, non-super hero related genre stuff. Adult dramas that have hints of the fantastical. Stories that ask bigger questions, that delve into existential and philosophical territory. I want what good science fiction stories can be, and Synchronicity seems like it’s going to attempt to fill that bill with a story that involves the buying and selling of time travel, alternate dimensions, and reality bending consequence.

The first thing that the trailer reminded me of was a movie from 2004, Primer(Which you can check out on Netflix for the time being.). It’s one of my favorite time travel movies ever. The director/writer/editor, Shane Carruth, took $7,000 and crafted a simple yet complex story about the realistic consequences of short-time time travel. It’s one of those movies that stays with you for a long time, and only gets better with repeated viewings.

Now, I’m not saying that Synchronicity will be anything like it, superficially, but the trailer throws out a similar tone. They’re both low-budget, sci-fi flicks that deal with time travel and, to some extent, string theory. So the concepts are definitely mirroring one another, and this film looks like, in some ways, a spiritual successor to that story; using similar ideas present in Primer and taking them further and broader.

The tone of the trailer reminds me of early David Cronenberg, it made me think of Scanners(You can watch it on Hulu Plus.), and that feeling stretched beyond the fact that Michael Ironside is in both of them. There’s this notion of the corporatization of discovery, and that the desire to profit off of something even without really understanding the implications of it’s existence. The cold and distant financially driven decisions that shape our futures in unforeseen ways.

It made the festival circuit early last year, and I remember hearing about it at the time, but if I hadn’t randomly stumbled across it today, it might have totally fell off my radar. It’s a downside of that system. All the bloggers cover it when the vast majority of people have no access to it, and if they don’t remember to remind people that it exists and is worth your time, it might get looked over completely. I know it’s a necessary evil to secure some form of distribution, but it’s lead me to, in a de facto way, not support some of these smaller projects. I’ll see it if it makes it’s way to Netflix or something, but I won’t know to rent it when it comes out. So, hopefully this will help bring a small amount of extra awareness for the project when it hits limited release and VOD on January 22nd, 2016. So get out there, or stay in, and support some interesting sci-fi, folks! I have my fingers crossed for this one!

I don’t know, it looks pretty intriguing to me. Hey, that’s probably why I’m writing about it. I was originally going to write about the new Suicide Squad trailer today, and while that looks interesting, I’d rather watch a movie that is intellectually stimulating rather than just shallow fun any day. Also, I’m pretty sure that Suicide Squad will be just fine without another pointless blog post about it. I want to start covering some more smaller, out of left field stuff here rather than focusing on big budget, overly marketed flicks and shows. I occasionally do a podcast where I talk about more mainstream stuff, so if you want to know how I feel about that stuff, it’s going to be relegated to that space in the future.

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