Here’s Hoping: Man, That Was Quick! The New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Looks Promising…

Seriously, that was really fast. I mean, this was just shown at Comic-Con less than an hour ago!

Say what you will about how the final product is going to turn out, but this trailer is pretty great, in my opinion. A lot of my fears have been satiated by all the new information given in this footage, and it all definitely has me looking more forward to this than I was before. So, good job, marketing!

The trailer expands on what we got a sense of in the teaser that was released a few months ago. People don’t know how to feel about old Supes, and in the context of the tone and style that they are going for in these movies, it makes sense. It’s more grounded and adult than, say, the Marvel flicks. I don’t mean that as a slight either. I have this crazy ability to appreciate more than one film making approach. What can I say, it’s a gift. While others feel the need to “pick a side” when it comes to comic book companies, to such a degree that it makes me wonder if they hold stock, I am able to just, you know, enjoy them all, or not enjoy them all, for that matter. Moving on…

I guess the big takeaway from this trailer is that it will, in fact, directly deal with the destruction that took place at the end of Man of Steel. I am curious if this is due to the public’s response to these events, or if they had something like this planned all along. I mean, it’s a pretty significant thing to happen, and it would have been an odd thing to not deal with, but I guess that depends on whether or not they were aware of what they were doing. Did they do it because it would look cool, having supermen duke it out? Maybe, but either way it’s offered them the ability to do something interesting with the story, and works to validate the feeling’s of Superman’s enemies. From Lex Luthor to Bruce Wayne, the idea that they might not immediately jump on the “Hey! That Superman guy is pretty awesome” train seems more justifiable.

The scenario also gives Superman/Clark room to grow as a character. Just because he’s all powerful, relative to the rest of humanity, doesn’t mean he has all the answers. He’s going to struggle with his identity, which should hopefully lead to some good drama. As long as they don’t have a scene with him in a church, with a stained glass wind of The Agony in the Garden behind him, while he making tough decisions, I’ll be cool with it. Snyder, a little less on the nose, huh?

Beyond character motivation, there isn’t a whole lot else to glean. I am actual surprised at how “comic book” some of the shots looked. Especially the few snippets that show Batman and Superman facing off. I actually found that stuff pretty encouraging, honestly, and it gives me some hope in regards to the movies tone. Yeah, I expect it to be serious and po-faced, and I’m fine with that, but it also indicates that these superheroes will be able to do silly superhero things.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor made me think “Hey, look it’s Jesse Eisenberg. I’m told he’s playing Lex Luthor,” but, to be fair, that’s completely fine, as I think he was cast well. Luthor is a petulant narcissist, that is more concerned with his own inability to be the savior of the world than critically thinking about what could actually save the world. Eisenberg’s output as an actor, thus far, makes me think he’ll probably do pretty well in this regard.

We also get our first glimpses of Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth in the trailer, and the only thing I can think to say, that’s relevant anyways, is that in this incarnation he’s super handsome and will act as Bruce’s moral compass that has to fight to be heard. In the best Batman stories, that’s always kind of been Alfred’s role. He’s not just a butler, he’s a confidant, and a mentor. So, that was nice to see.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Wonder Woman stuff, but I get why her presence in the trailer is limited. It’s not her story, and it makes me wonder(HAHAHA! I’m just delightful.) just how big of a part she has to play in the narrative. I feel like she’ll be pretty tertiary up until the last act, as I’m assuming there is going to be some bigger threat that pulls them all on the same side. Hmmmm…

Zod’s corpse makes an appearance, and although it’s not entirely clear who has possession of it, I’m assuming it’s Lex Luthor. I imagine he’ll be using what he learns from Zod’s anatomy to fight Superman. Well, that and the giant rock of kryptonite he has. I’ve heard rumors about who the actual “big bad” is, but I’d like to avoid spoilers here, so if you’re really curious a quick search will set you right. Considering that this film is setting up a Justice League movie it seems like the only way to go. If MoS had been more successful, we may have had a better setup to this event, but it wasn’t, so we don’t.

Just as a side note, I really dislike what they’ve done to the Kents in this series. I guess since Poppa Kent is dead Martha feels the need to pull the asshole weight for the family. Seriously, listen to what she says in this trailer. I get that she’s been through a lot, and that’s going to make a person grumpy, but come on! I guess there’s no turning back at this point. The foundation of dickhead Kents has already been set….

Oh, another side note. There seems to be a few references to the Joker in the trailer. There’s a shot or two with some Joker style graffiti, and the shot where Bruce is looking at a newspaper clipping. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to an interesting side-plot? Even if it’s just meant as an easter egg, although that’s pretty direct, I’d be okay with that; hinting at Batman’s past and possible future. It almost looks like he’s taunting Batman. I don’t know, kind of neat, considering that they are turning this into a movieverse.

There’s other stuff to talk about, but I just wanted to give my quick first impressions here. I might podcast about it later, though! So that’s a thing!

All in all, this trailer has got me excited. It looks like it might actually tell a nuanced and interesting story about power, accountability, and responsibility. I was going to see this movie regardless, but at least now it might not be begrudgingly. Anyways, I’m going to go watch the trailer again. What? I’m bored!

Here’s some screen grabs from the trailer. Enjoy!

vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-41-32
Why is Batman wearing a jacket?! BAT-JACKET!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-57-36
Looks like he’s fighting this Superman Militia. I have a feeling that Superman doesn’t have much to do with these folks, and they’re just…. SUPER FANS!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-06-04
They really rolled out the sandy carpet for him.
wmplayer 2015-07-11 16-45-43-45
My favorite sign is the “God Hates Aliens” one. Oh, Snyder, you are so precious!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-47-15-35
Superman just caught a whiff of something bigoted! Social commentary! Huzzah!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-47-18-78
Superman walks into a hearing of some sort…
vlc 2015-07-11 16-47-24-05
…Then he lays down a silent but deadly.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-24-76
It stands for “hope,” you know.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-29-39
It would be kind of funny if he just floated there for awhile, and then left.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-13-05
Bad guy, you’ve been bat-branded! Yeehaw! Come on down to the Wayne Ranch! We’ve got it all folks!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-07-66
Alfred’s all like “Hey, man, stop being a cry baby! Grow the duck up, dog” Also, he looks very handsome.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-47-54-94
Man reads paper.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-47-56-20
A message from The Joker, perhaps?
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-51-28
Luthor is all about that 100% yak hair.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-48-59-18
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-03-69
Attractive women dares to be coyly attractive.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-14-77
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-23-22
Fatman Returns?
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-36-84
Jump, Wonder Woman! Jump!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-13-90
Wonder Woman, again!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-17-95
Gotta go! Some of that superhero stuff I mentioned.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-09-26
That shit is green, yo!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-20-50
Chemistry vacuums attempt to look in love.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-21-67
I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your Gotham in!
vlc 2015-07-11 16-49-33-17
Something tells me this takes place at the end of the movie.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-15-57
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-26-02
Yak hair for life.
vlc 2015-07-11 16-50-31-88
Walkin’ on, walkin’ on, walkin’ on broken glass…

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