Check Out This JOKER Fan Art Made by an Edgy 13 Year Old! Oh… Oh, Wait…


In celebration of the Joker’s 75th birthday, director David Ayer released a photo of what the insufferable Jared Leto will look like in the upcoming Suicide Squad flick. It’s certainly… Interesting? You know what? To hell with the niceties, this new design is terrible. It’s the fucking worst, and it has given me more pause about the DC movierverse than anything else they’ve released. It’s such a turn off that I’m having a hard time being fair and open. I want to like these DC movies, I really do, but they are making it really difficult.

The word “damaged” is written across his forehead. I could just stop right there. That pretty much sums the whole thing up; everything wrong with this design is literally on the surface. Look at these tattoos, I’ll wait…. Done? Good. This new look seems to have been dreamed up by someone that’s in their mid thirties, that really digs MMA, and who thinks 30 Seconds To Mars is punk rock. Yeah, I realize that probably describes the actor portraying the Joker, the insufferable Jared Leto, but even though he probably was involved he didn’t have the final say. No, that’s all on David Ayer.

Listen, I get that this new iteration of the universe is all “adult comic books” style, but this just seems really misguided. Granted, I don’t know what approach they are going to be taking with this Joker, but there isn’t anything that I’m aware of in Joker’s history that would make me believe he would get a bunch of self referential tattoos. Giant grins, playing cards, and “Hahaha?” Those are the types of tattoos that someone that is a fan of the character would get, not the actual character. Yeah, I get it, he’s “punk rock,” and what’s the point of being “punk rock” without making it as obvious as possible, right? Well, at least that’s what I’ve gathered from the “punk rockers” I’ve been around.

I didn’t really care for this new DC movieverse’s opening act, Man of Steel, and this seems to be continuing the trend that that film started, and by that I mean completely misunderstanding the characters they are adapting. Who knows, though, it could be me. Maybe this is just more representative of what the characters are like in the modern era. Although,it seems more likely that this an attempt to pander to people that are more concerned with things looking cool rather than meaning anything.

In any case, I could be completely wrong. Maybe it will work better in action than concept. I hope so. I sincerely do. Batman is my favorite hero, and Joker is my favorite of his rogues gallery. There’s a lot of things about these new movies that feel like they are actively trying to get me not watch at all. I don’t care for Jared Leto, or this new aesthetic design, but I’ll give it a chance. I have to give credit where credit is due, these DC movies at the very least are taking chances with their properties. They feel original, for better or worse, and if they don’t end up being for me that’s okay. Sure, I’ll still complain, but I feel like buying a ticket offers me that right.


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