STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser Has Gotten Me the Appropriate Amount of Excited…

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel at the Star Wars Celebration ended just moments ago, and it certainly ended with a bang! The new teaser trailer was released, and although it’s on the shorter side, there’s still a bunch of new stuff to dive into.

It’s definitely a mood setting trailer. It seems that TFA is going to be about legacy and what has been passed down through the generations; quite literally the force, in this instance, but that doesn’t seem to be all. There’s a lot of new designs in regards to “storm trooper” esque characters, and it makes me think that the political turmoil is still alive and well in the new series. Thankfully, it looks to be a little more blaster filled and a little less talking guppies discussing trade disputes. It even kind of seems that there may be a new group or entity that is vying for power. It almost seems as if the sith is going to be a little more of a pronounced presence, and less of a shadow type government, pulling the strings from behind. Either that or the empire just decided to look way more badass while trying to make it’s comeback!

It was nice to hear Mark Hamill back as Luke Skywalker, it actually sounds like there’s some real character continuity. I mean, it’s been awhile since he’s done the role, I was actually kind of taken aback by how much he sounded like he did in the original trilogy. So much so that I wasn’t sure it was him the first time I watched it.

We also get a few glimpses of some older characters. Well, Han Solo and Chewie for sure, but I think that was Carrie Fisher’s hand in the shot when the lightsaber gets passed. But sure was cool to see Han and Chewie in last seconds of the trailer! I don’t know why, but I was really stoked to see Harrison Ford with a shaggier hair cut for some reason. Weird, I know, but that was my initial reaction.

The new protagonists got a lot of screen time, which is cool, as it kind of lends the idea that this film is going to be a changing of the guard. Even though I think the original cast are going to be integral to the plot of this movie, I do think it’s to set up the rest of the trilogy and these new folks as the main characters. Hopefully, the veterans get a nice send off, or are integrated into the larger story in interesting ways. Also, five bucks says that Han Solo dies. Yeah, it’s going to be appropriately heroic, but c’mon, Harrison Ford has been trying to kill this dude for thirty years.

This is a teaser, in the most extreme sense of the word. It’s about setting a tone, and giving you little glimpses about where the universe is at. Honestly, it was enough to get me on board. I liked the first trailer just fine, but this one actually tipped the scales for me, and has me actually excited. Practical sets, practical effects, people in goofy costumes… Sign me up!


Updated: Here’s some more of my thoughts on the trailer, and franchise in audio form!


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