The Natural Gamers – Checking Out PILLARS OF ETERNITY

Ahhh, yes. It’s here. Obsidian’s new, Black Isle Studios style, retro RPG has finally arrived!

I almost forgot all about this game, but thanks to a Kickstarter e-mail, everything was set right. Just the way it should be, I guess. I mean, I had already put some money into it, so, I should probably play it. And play it I have!

First Impression: I really dig this game a lot so far. I’m about an hour and a half into it, and I can already tell that it’s going to take up a significant amount of my precious gaming time! If you’re on the fence about it, I’d say give it go. It takes a lot of things from older gamers of the same ilk(Baldur’s Gate comes to mind.), and updates them just enough to make the game feel fresh and current. Great art style, UI, and voice acting. Totally worth your time. Especially, if you grew up playing these kinds of game. It’s not just a serviceable throw back, but a great game in it’s own right, that comfortably exists on it’s own terms.

My intention is to record every time I play the game, and then post them over on my YouTube channel. Happy clicking!


2 thoughts on “The Natural Gamers – Checking Out PILLARS OF ETERNITY

  1. So I haven’t played much – it runs a little slow on my desktop and laptop – but I hear there is a bug where, if you double-click to equip anything, your passive bonuses vanish from you and your party members.

    Apparently you can get them back on party member by having them leave the group and then rejoining, but your main character is out of luck until a patch, which I hear will be coming soon.

    (Also I promise I won’t comment on every damn thing you put up. You just haven’t done these in a while and they happen to be relevant to my interests. Keep it up!)

    1. I haven’t come across that particular bug yet.I’m going to play some today, and I’m going to check for a patch before I start.

      Comment on, sir! It’s encouraging! Especially since you actually engage in a way that indicates that you atleast had the videos on in the background! I appreciate it, Ryder.

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