MFHBFF Podcast Episode 23- Our Most Rambling Episode Yet(Complete With Public Domain Music!)


On this episode of the show, Shaun and Sarah are tired and ramble incoherently about a veritable cornucopia of subjects! Like, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Lars Von Trier’s new joint, Nymphomaniac. Got almost two hours to kill? Well, first off, you are very fortunate. I mean, time, man, it’s like a thing to be cherished. Secondly, you could listen to this… Or not. Whatever, it’s your free time!

Wanna download this episode, and listen to it privately while you hide from your loved ones, and watch pornography? HERE YOU GO. (Right Click To Download)

Or, if you are shameless when it comes to your pornography and podcast habits, and you like to do that sort of stuff with as many people around as possible, then this will do you right.

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