MFHBFF Podcast Episode 22- Cops, Detectives, and Robots That Are True….

true detective cover
This is a pretty great painting that Sarah did of Rust Cohle from our latest obsession, TRUE DETECTIVE! Gee… I wonder what we’re going to talk about this episode?!

On this episode of the show, Sarah and Shaun dig deep and chit chat about True Detective, giving their thoughts on the show so far, and make some predictions about the finale. Oh yeah, they also talk about the new Robocop flick, and ask some deep questions, like, “What is a man?”

If you’d like to download this episode and listen to it at your leisure, then CLICK HERE(Right Click To Save).

If you’re going to be futzing around the web for a bit, or just have limited hard drive space, because your computer is more than a decade old, or something to that effect, then here you go:

Shaun and Sarah‘s Twitter


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