MFHBFF Podcast Episode 21- The Genesis of Hannibal, Looks Like A Wolf That is Big and Bad, and Is Also Built By Legos Inside a Nintendo…


On this episode of the show, as always, Sarah and Shaun ramble on pretty hardcore, spending a good while reminiscing about childhood gaming proclivities. Oh, but don’t worry, we get into some other stuff as well. Like, the first season of Hannibal, the Israeli flick, Big Bad Wolves,  and then we top it all off with a our thoughts about The Lego Movie! Oh man, it’s sure to be a pretty understated affair. Also, this episode of the podcast is brought to by the power of Jameson Irish Whiskey, because who couldn’t use a little mental lubrication, eh?

Just as a brief aside/warning, while discussing the film Big Bad Wolves, Sarah and Shaun get into a discussion about child abuse, and offer up some personal anecdotes regarding the matter. I realize that this may be a sensitive topic for some, so, a warning of sorts seems apt.

If you’d like to download this episode CLICK HERE(Right Click To Save).

If you are going to stay put for a bit(This is a long one! Thanks, Jameson!), then I would like you to operate under the assumption that this was done for you, and just for you:

Shaun and Sarah‘s Twitter


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