Here’s Hoping: The INTERSTELLAR Teaser Purports Wonder…

I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but Christopher Nolan never really wanted to make a trilogy of Batman films. Seriously, again and again, through interviews and incoherent messages, that he would write himself on steamy bathroom mirrors, he made it pretty clear that he didn’t have any particular affinity for the character, or comic books in general. I know, it’s a little odd, considering that he still continues to participate in the creation of these types of films, but, you know. shit tons of money and stuff… Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple.

You see, Nolan likes to make conceptually large films, and those tend to cost quite a bit of moola. If you consider the films he’s made in between Batman flicks, you start to see a pattern. A “One for them. One for me” type of dichotomy appears. Nolan has a lot of “passion projects” in the pipe line, and to get them made, with the budget he feels is necessary, he gives the studio what they want. His name has become synonymous “quality blockbusters,” just his involvement garners a decent amount of ticket sales, so, it’s important to have him connected to major franchises to engender good will with the audience. Following this logic, he signed on for The Dark Knight to make The Prestige. He had to sign on to The Dark Knight Rises to get Inception made, and he probably had to produce Man of Steel to get Interstellar made. He’s playing the game, folks, and, more often than not, we all win.

However much I enjoy his  The Dark Knight Trilogy(Huge caveats when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises), the films I’ve really loved are the ones made in-between those. Something like, Inception(Fuck the backlash), displays all the promise that he has shown throughout his career. When Nolan is fully invested, it’s something to behold, in my opinion. So, Interstellar has me pretty stoked. He’s always been able to strike a good balance between “mainstream” accessibility and big, heady science fiction stuff; things that are too often mutually exclusive.

Regarding the trailer, well, it doesn’t show all that much, which I’m totally cool with. I don’t need to have a movie spelled out for me to get interested. It seems to want to explore the idea of human advancement, and our quest to always go beyond what we are currently capable of. Like, going beyond the stars, as far as possible. It uses mostly historically significant video clips concerning space travel throughout the ages, almost as if it’s reminding us of where we’ve come from, in terms of advancement, and hints at what the film’s narrative will be offering up, in terms of ideas and tone.

It wants to bring about a feeling of wonderment in the audience, and I think it does a pretty good job. Matthew McConaughey’s voice over work speaks to all those things I mentioned above, and brings a tangible human element. If anything, that’s what McConaughey is good at; being the every-man. It’s a smart casting choice, in my opinion. It seems that this flick is going to be a lot more grounded, and deals with our human desire to “achieve,” and how exciting the idea of progress is. So, casting someone who is smart, but relate-able  is definitely a good idea. He’s a good avatar for the audience.

It definitely seems to be a slight departure from what he’s done thus far. Sure, it’s definitely a “realistic” science fiction movie, but most, if not all, of his other movies could probably considered as mystery thrillers. This seems more like some type of serious minded prestige like rigamoral. Over all, I’m fine with that. I just hope it doesn’t get too bogged down by a heavy handed political statement, because, honestly, I can’t stand being preached to. Especially in movies. I mean, I’m okay if it has something to say, just don’t treat me like a mentally challenged part of your “This is obviously correct. Look how confidently I pat myself on the back!” congregation.

It doesn’t come out for another year, in fact, they are stilling shooting, I believe. I really hope they play this thing close to the chest like they did with Inception. I knew nothing about that movie, but I was totally frothing at the bit to see it. Hopefully, they’ll trust the audience to show up, and just let the interesting concept do the work for them. I think people are hungry for these kind of movies these days, and, like I said before, Nolan is directing, so, there’s kind of already a built in audience for it.

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