MFHBFF Podcast Episode 016: Spoilers?! Who Cares, Because Fuck THOR: THE DARK WORLD(A THOR: THE DARK WORLD Spoilercast. Just In Case You Hadn’t Figured That Out Yet.)


On this episode of the show, we spoil the ever loving, lightning striking, quip talking, crap out of Thor: The Dark World, and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe! And as an added bonus, this being a special occasion and all, we talk about the movie first! There’s also the usual “what we’ve been watching” business as well, but we know what you really want! You magnificent bastards!

If you’d like to download this episode, and save it on an external hard drive for posterity, then CLICK HERE. (Right Click To Save)

If you are someone that creeps around the internet, for hours at a time, and on your desktop no less, then just watch this:

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