Here’s Hoping- X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Is Apparently Some Type Of Super-Hero Film…

So, here’s something that I’m not really sure if anyone is really excited for. I don’t mean that to be snarky, or pretentious either. Seriously, even though most people seem to generally like X-Men: First Class, I don’t hear people talk about it all that often. Personally, I think it’s the best of the X-Men franchise, but the more I think about it, that has to do with the spot on casting, save for Emma Frost, more than the actual movie. The only form of coverage I’ve seen of this thing from the “geek set” so far has been really cynical.  Also, there is an endless comparison to other superhero franchises, like, the Marvel Film stuff. Apparently, if you dare to like both, you’ll die, or something. Probably from internal combustion, or a Hot Pocket induced heart attack, which is kind of the same thing, now that I’m thinking about it…

Bryan Singer is back in the old director’s chair again, which, honestly, means nothing to me. Since he left the franchise to make a movie about how Superman is a memory wiping rapist, he’s hasn’t made anything good. To be fair, I haven’t seen the last movie he put out, Jack The Giant Slayer, but from what I gather it’s pretty mediocre. Yeah, it seems it could go either way. I will say, though, he does seem really enthusiastic about the project, and seems to be really happy to be making an X-Men movie, for whatever that’s worth, I guess.

The most surprising thing, to me, about this trailer is the somber tone of it all. They are pretty much daring you to try to have fun. “Next summer, you will feel. YOU WILL ALL FEEL,” would have been an appropriate tag-line. I don’t mind it, though. It makes sense, considering that the story has to do with some type of apocalyptic scenario. That would be pretty dire, you know? Yeah, that would make me sad. I would probably start playing dour, yet epic film scores, and speaking in cryptic monologues about “the past.” It all seems on the up and up.

On a slightly more serious note, this trailer holds a lot back, and is really just trying to give us a sense of film’s tone. I appreciate that. While I am some what familiar with the source material, it’s nice to still not really know what the movies about. Well, except for the time travel stuff, which actually seems more interesting than I would have thought. You have to remember, they are kind of mixing casts from two separate X-Men franchises. It’s kind of neat, and I don’t think people are giving this enough credit. It’s even a little bit bold, honestly. I imagine that people who don’t follow jaded movie bloggers on a regular basis, probably find this stuff interesting. It’s a an odd franchise, and has been all over the quality map, but this gives me a little bit of hope. It’s something different and unexpected. It’s trying to draw comic book fans back into the fold, while simultaneously giving general audiences something cool to look at for two hours.

The time travel stuff offers a lot of unique opportunities. They will be able to acknowledge the continuity of the other films, while also being able to completely ignore it if they so choose. They are trying to change the past, so, things could be altered. Yeah, we could talk about the obvious “time paradox” stuff. Like, if Wolverine does try to change things in the past, then he always has, and is more or less just engaging in a “self fulfilling prophecy” type of thing. We’ll see though. I imagine that they’ll have to address that somehow, but who knows. I mean, it’s a movie about time traveling mutants already, I think I’ll be able to handle the necessary amount of disbelief suspension.

Beyond the time travel stuff, there isn’t much let out of the bag. It’s obviously about restoring the young Xavier’s faith in his cause, as the events at the end of X-Men: First Class have left him depressed. You can tell he’s turned into a sad piece of shit due to the fact that he now had a beard, which is movie short-hand for “I’ve given up.” It should be noted that I have a beard at the moment, and I often think in terms of movie short-hand. Moving on… I’m actually genuinely curious about this story, and how it’s going to resolve itself. I’m wondering if this is going to act as a type of “re-boot,” or is it going to spur another “trilogy,” as these franchises are so fond of doing. Also, if it does set-up more movies, I can’t imagine that it won’t, which cast will they follow? I’d imagine the newer, younger one, but who knows. People still seemed pretty attached to that original cast. I think it has to do with the fact that Hugh Jackman has been in all of them, and is always a winking reminder of the other movies. People are never forced to break ties with those stories and characters. So, who knows, really.

I’m kind of excited to see this ensemble work together. There is a lot of heavy hitters in this flick, and the idea of seeing some of them share scenes actually gets me pretty excited. I don’t know how this could actually happen, but I really hope Ian Mckellen and Michael Fassbender get to do something together. Also, even after six appearances as the character, and pretty much being the star of five of those outings, Hugh Jackman is still a great Wolverine. I don’t know why, but I’m not sick of him as the character. Sure, it’s a little odd that he’s always at the center of everything, but I think the way the movies have been built it seems justified. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but the guy still does it for me, and I think he’s just gotten better. I mean, The Wolverine wasn’t the best movie in the world, it was alright, but Jackman was pretty great in it, and showed how much he still cares about doing that character justice.

At the end of the day, I actually like this trailer. It’s not trying to sell me on spectacle, or Sentinels. Instead, it opted to do something small and intimate, and attempts to humanize these characters again. I said before that the trailer has a very somber tone to it, that’s true, but it’s also kind of hopeful, and seems to be all about second chances. I wasn’t really anticipating X-Men: Days of Future Past at all, but this trailer has definitely caused me to take notice. So, here’s hoping!


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