Here’s NOT Hoping(For Anything, Really): Meet “The Next Black President.” Local Georgia Filmmaker Just Made My Year! THE LAST ELECTION Trailer…

Listen, I’m not one to usually make fun of anything that comes off as “sincere.” I’m really not, but sometimes the internet forces you into making exceptions, and compromises your otherwise completely solid moral compass. Or maybe I’m just feeling like a dick today. It happens occasionally. Who knows, anything is possible. Dare to dream, young stallions.

So, I’m currently unemployed, and when I’m not spiraling into massive bouts of depression, I search high and low on the internet for jobs(Seriously, I just applied for a janitorial position, and I’m somewhat “hopeful” about it. This is where I am. It could be worse. My penis could shrivel up and fall off. Then I wouldn’t even have the solace found in those few moments of calm right after I bring myself to ejaculation. Yeah, could be worse.). While deep in the binary jungle, known as Craigslist, I stumbled across a posting that read “need movie extras/promoters.” So, I did what any really bored person would do, and clicked the link. Now, to be honest, I had no “real” interest in actually finding anything of value here, but you never know. Like I said, I’m pretty bored, and maybe there would be something here that would kill an afternoon. I could see myself standing around some local film set. Maybe get a sandwich out of the deal, or even make myself useful; a feat that many would say is near impossible.

The first thing I noticed about this posting was the lack of capital letters on the clickable link. I said to myself, “Hmmm. Well here’s someone that is truly bucking the system. Fuck grammar. I’m right there with you, fellow rebel.” Once I clicked the link, and thus delving deeper into, what I assume, is the mind of a truly original voice, I noticed that the author hadn’t just used improper grammar on the clickable link, but also in the “meat” of the text. If anything, this artists was consistent, and was obviously steadfast in his rebellious resolve. I eagerly started reading the rest of this visionaries posting. About 5 seconds later, I read ” Do not respond unless you are serious and check your email constantly because if you miss my email I will not take you serious,” and quickly realized that there would be no place for me in a venture of this seriousness, and obvious magnitude. I wouldn’t dare. I wouldn’t dream. I wouldn’t hope.

Those that are brave enough to follow this rabbit hole further would find compensation in the form of “exposure.” They aren’t going to waste someone’s time with black magic notes, otherwise known as money. They are providing you with an opportunity to make the world a better place, and simultaneously feed your ego by way of public validation. You’re not worth a damn unless someone tells you so, and it’s the understanding of this, extremely important, fundamental of life that makes this such an amazing opportunity. Sadly, there was no mention of sandwiches, which further reinforced my earlier notion of “This is not for me.”

At the bottom of the posting, there was a link to the trailer of this currently in production film. “click on the link below to see the 2 min movie trailer on youtube which has over 1 million views,” it read. Dear God, how could I not? If I wasn’t going to take part in this event, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t interested. On the contrary, I was totally interested. Some would say excited even! I clicked. Oh man, I clicked so hard, and for the next 2 minutes and 12 seconds I was swept away into a world of conspiracy, and gangsta politics.

I’m assuming this film takes place sometime in the future, as the dialect definitely seems like a byproduct of the “Twitter generation.” I would guess that the script has a lot of “U’s” instead of our current usage of the word “You,” and also “R’s” in the place of “are.” The stiff, and awkward line readings speak to how “disconnected” people have become, and the idea of just speaking in general has become a terrifying concept. One couldn’t help but sweat bullets and move like a robot in this dystopian vision of the future. Society has changed, and our system of government is nothing more a shadow of it’s former self. Not even the president, black or otherwise, has the ability to really do anything. The world is run by a few select elite, and it’s either play ball, or get assassinated JFK style, of course.

There is one man that stands up against all this chaos, “The Next Black President,” and let me tell you, he’s not fucking around. The press have stupid “cue card” questions? He’s not having it. Like, none of it. He’ll just say his piece, and then shoot a mother down, if you know what I’m saying. Also, he loves the American flag. I guess you could say, he is the American flag. All of  our hopes and dreams as a people rest on his shoulders. He has no choice, but to take a stand. This will truly be The Last Election.

This represents the end of my poor attempts at humor. Your welcome.

What a trailer, eh? Well, calling it a “trailer” is probably being kind, but hey, I can be a nice guy. I have literally no idea what the “political message” of this flick is supposed to be. It’s more than a little confused, or maybe it’s not, which would actually be worse. I’m not even in total disagreeance with some of the things that this dude says, honestly. Yeah, I think the government is totally fucked at this point, and is probably more or less run by those that have major corporate interests. It’s almost undeniable at this point, but there is this weird denial of presidential culpability that’s brought up. I get that the president isn’t solely responsible for what happens in our country, but he’s definitely a pretty big part of it. I’m not sure what it is they’re trying to say here. Are they asserting that our current president is in the same positions as the one in this “trailer” posits?

The climax of the trailer has the president shooting who I assume are reporters. It was weird, and off putting. I’m assuming this is supposed to represent a first step towards “revolution,” or something, but the way that it “tries” to be “cool” really undercuts the message. The president shoots a bunch of reporters in cold blood. Innocent victims, because they can’t all be “in on it.” You see what I’m saying? The “Michael Bay film” style score also doesn’t help. No, it doesn’t seem like this was a well thought out idea. I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to “occult conspiracy” stuff, and this guy need to get back to googling, or whatever…

Let’s talk about the “set design” for a moment, shall we? An American flag. That’s it. It would seem that having one in the background wasn’t enough for this young filmmaker, though, because on the top and bottom borders of the frame, there is slivers of another American flag, waving in the breeze(Heroically, of course.) Are we to assume that this guy is like “super American,” or something. Some real “subtle” stuff going down here, folks.

It would also appear that it was shot, presumably, by the same guy that is playing “The Next Black President,” Hey, he has my sympathies here. Focus, and proper framing are a real pain in the keister when you’re by yourself, but come on. Pick an angle. Pick a close up. Pick anything, guy. Also, spend more than thirty minutes on it.

Like I said, this looks to be a one man show, and I would assume that the same person did the editing on this thing, or is this a family affair, where he let his 7 year old younger sibling take the reigns after the arduous shoot? Seriously, dude. I only bring it up because the filmmaker is showing this to people to generate interest in the “project,” Which really baffles me, honestly. I mean you have to have some type of self awareness when engaging in these things, and however difficult “subjectivity” can be at times it’s pretty essential.

I’m honestly really curious to see how this thing plays out; it probably won’t, but I’m still going to follow along, because if it does then, oh my fucking god, am I in for a treat. I actually tried to look up some info on So Gorilla Films, but alas, I couldn’t find anything. Just the YouTube channel, and the one trailer. I don’t know, it definitely made my day.

One last thing, the claims of “over 1 million views,” are apparently true. I’m not sure how that is, but it’s true. I’m assuming there was some “view boosting” going on(Hark! Another conspiracy! It’s like a fucking onion, this thing!). It doesn’t really matter. Just thought it was kind of funny. I really hope all those views aren’t authentic for his sake… I mean that’s how things like this article happen!

Like I said at the top, I normally wouldn’t do something like this. I’m not really that mean spirited. I more often than not will come out and support these types of ventures, but man, this is an odd one, and wrong in so many ways that my head actually hurts from thinking about it. In all seriousness, though, I’m hoping and praying that this somehow gets made, and is then uploaded to YouTube. The Gods, old and new, demand it!


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