MFHBFF Podcast Episode 010- Cosby Shows Jingles That, All The Way, Mean You’re Next On The List To Be An Ex-Man…

you're next

On this episode of the podcast, Shaun and Sarah go on tangent after tangent, but what else would you expect from them? Oh, this is your first time? Well, this is what it’s like. This is what it’s like to listen to two people talk about anything they feel like; well, kind of. We do have some topics! Like, the excellent new flick You’re Next, the first three X-Men films, The Cosby Show( I honestly have no idea how this happened…), conventions, toys, Ben Affleck Batman casting… Oh, and Jingle All the Way! Yeah I know, awesome, right? RIGHT?!!!

To download this episode, and listen at your leisure, CLICK HERE(Right Click To Download)

If you’re one to lurk on the interwebs, you know, the kind of person that parents warn their children about, then this is for you:

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