How About Them Apples… Er… Bats…. Ben Affleck Cast as Batman in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN…


Right at the top, before I discuss anything, I would like to formally apologize for the title of this article. So, “Sorry.”

Well, in general, I don’t know how I feel about Superman Vs Batman, in all honesty. I really don’t. I’m weirdly indifferent about it, which is weird, because I like Superman, I like Batman, and I love movies. So, what’s the deal brain? I guess, it probably has to do with the fact that I didn’t really like Man of Steel; I feel like the entire concept of this movie is being rushed, and would be better suited to a third entry in a series to set up a Justice League flick. I wrote some things about this already(Click Here To Check It Out), and while some of my questions have been answered since then, my opinion has, like I said before, turned into complete indifference. Well, until some time last night.

Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman. So, those of you holding out for Daredevil 2 are out of luck. I’m sorry, dog(Cue riotous laughter…). I’m doubly sorry if this news has “blind-sided” you(Again, riotous laughter.) Anyways, I’m actually pretty pleased with this decision, and I think it indicates a positive new direction for the character. It will open the doors to do something different with Batman just based on the personality of the actor. Ben Affleck isn’t exactly a “chameleon” type of performer, and more or less plays versions of himself; ranging from “super excited Ben” to “super sad Ben.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Well, for me anyways, as I’ve never been a “hater” of the guy, and I find him to be, more or less, entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

A lot of folks were surprised that he accepted the role. If you’ll journey with me back to 2003(Just grab a light carry-on. I’ll wait…), Ben Affleck starred in Daredevil, and much to the surprise of maybe one person, the “nerd” reaction was fairly caustic. A lot of the blame was laid at Affleck’s feet, and he basically said that he would never be in a super hero movie again. Honestly, Ben Affleck, stupid hair-cut aside, was not why Daredevil was a bad movie. Actually, none of the actors can really be blamed for that one. No, the blame for that really lies with the director. It’s a tonally confused movie, and tries way too hard to be “cool.” If you engage in a little bit of “subjectivity,” and separate your personal feelings about the finished project, Affleck comes across pretty good, actually. He’s able to successfully balance the “jokey” comic book tone and the “dark/brooding” moments of the character. In a lot of ways Daredevil, as a character, has a decent amount in common with Batman; so, his performance in that movie leads me to believe he could handle it. Maybe even with a certain amount of aplomb. Maybe… I do understand people surprise, though. His acceptance of the role is of Sean Connery esque proportions. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Considering Affleck as Batman, I think we’re going to get a much more “playful” representation of the character, and might actually add a little much needed “fun” to the proceedings. The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Man of Steel are all fairly dour experiences, and one of my hopes for future movies in the MoS universe is that they would lighten up a little bit. This leads me to believe that maybe they will, or, at the very least, have a balance of serious and fun. This should be a somewhat joyous experience. I mean, come on, people have been waiting for something like this for years, and with the end of Nolan’s take on the character already past, let’s embrace some change. There’s a real opportunity here with this casting choice, and I hope they recognize that they can take advantage of Affleck’s personality, and allow him to give a more “natural” to himself performance. Seriously, I really hope they don’t force a Frank Miller style take on the character on him, because if they do I can see that going really bad.

So, if they allow this casting choice to do some of the heavy lifting for them, what kind of Batman will we actually get? In my opinion we’re probably going to get something between Grant Morrison’s early take on the character, and Batman: The Animated Series‘ version. I don’t know, that has me kind of excited. Sure, Batman, by his very nature, is a dark and brooding character, but that doesn’t mean he’s a total drag. In fact, Batman’s innate cynicism could be used as some great fodder for how he approaches Superman in the new flick. A “Who’s this guy?” type of attitude would be, in my opinion, a really great direction to take the character. So, what I’m saying is, keep Nolan out of the writers room, please. You already did your thing, sir. Let everyone move on.

I don’t know, I’m actually pretty pleased with this news, as I think it indicates that they are actually going to do something “new.” They have a really great opportunity here, and I really hope they don’t fuck it up. Having said that, my opinion that this movie just might be a bad idea in the first place hasn’t really changed, but I may have just moved from “indifference” to “cautiously optimistic.” Who knows? No one, that’s who. They haven’t even started making this thing yet. I don’t even think they have a script yet. That hasn’t stopped them from offering up a July 17, 2015 release date, because why not? I guess? Time will tell, I suppose. Now let’s all impatiently wait for the announcement that Lex Luthor will be in this flick, and who’ll be playing him! No? Yeah, I don’t really care either… Why don’t I care about this movie? Like, at all?  Well, if they keep making seemingly smart decisions like this, then maybe I will come around to actual excitement of some kind.


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