Here’s Hoping: Keanu Reeves Is the One In 47 RONIN Trailer

If memory serves me correct, I think this flick was originally slated to come out this past November, but was pushed back do to further work needing to be done on the 3D and stuff. Actually, I think that was the second time it was pushed back. The first time was do to re-shoots. Originally, it was supposed to come out in 2010. So, it’s kind of had a troubled history. That doesn’t usually mean “good things,” but you never know.

This is director Carl Rinsch’s first flick, so, I have no awareness of his ability, or anything. I believe he’s done a lot of music video, and commercial work. I’m curious to see some of his music video work. I’m wondering if he’s part of the modern “ADD” music video and commercial movement. Often I find the more recent music video culture to be even more grating than the actual songs that they are created for, but maybe that’s just me. I digress…

So, I really like samurai movies, and this seems to be a “fantastical” take on a classic samurai er… ronin(Oh, I know there’s a difference, snob. I know…) tale. Watching the trailer, I was reminded of stories from greek mythology, and then I was further reminded that in Japan they have a similar and just as rich mythology that could be culled from. Actually, if you were to check out some of Asian cinemas out put from the seventies and eighties, you would find a lot of “fantasy” type flicks. Something like, say, The Heroic Trio(Yes, I know that this is a Chinese film. That’s why I said “Asian cinema.” Also, yes I know that this is from the nineties. So there.)

The action seems pretty decent, actually. Even given the fact that a lot of the monsters and “ghouls” appear to be CGI. So, maybe the extra time has been well spent. I like movies that have “the few against the many” type of set ups, and, like I said before, samurai/ronin set ups. I like that this movie has a supernatural slant to it, and appears to go “all the way” with it unabashedly. I get really tired of seeing movies that can’t/won’t fully commit to their concepts.

So, I’m a Keanu Reeves apologist. I don’t know why. I’m not ignorant of the fact that he’s not the “best” actor in the world, but he always does something “interesting,” and clearly has a love for these high concept projects. It’s nice to see an actor that doesn’t seem to care whether the projects he picks will help his career or not, and just does work that he finds interesting. He seems sincere, and always puts his all into it, and that’s saying something these days.

Also, I’m glad that there is going to be a big budget, high concept movie that doesn’t involve “super heroes.” Listen, I like super hero movies just fine, but their out put is, in a word, exhausting. Even to the point that I have a hard time getting excited about any of them. This gives me hope though. It actually seems pretty solid. Beyond the basic conceit, it’s hard to get any sense of what this movie is going to be like from this trailer. I mean, yeah, it will probably be “cool” looking, but I hope there’s at least a little more meat on it’s bones. Something to really get into and have fun with. So, here’s hoping!

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